IRVINE, Calif., May 10, 2018 –Dahua Technology USA, a leading video surveillance solutions provider, has been awarded two Security Today 2018 Govies in Video Surveillance IP Cameras and Video Surveillance Data Storage, which were presented at ISC West 2018.

Amy Bix of Security Today presents the Goives to Jennifer Hackenburg, Sr. Product Manager at Dahua Technology USA

Continuing to improve on Dahua’s products and providing various solutions to meet increasingly diversifying and evolving customer needs, Dahua’s 2MP AI Network Box camera, a standalone front-end intelligent solution, won in the Video Surveillance IP Cameras category. A defining feature of the 2MP AI Network Box Camera (IPC-HF8242F-FR) is its ability to perform complex facial recognition without additional licenses or servers. With built-in facial recognition analytics, the 2MP AI Network Box Camera provides an alerting system that informs operators to persons of interest to prevent blacklisted personnel from entering a facility. By interpreting video data at the source, the camera dissects and learns data for easier processing and higher efficiency. This camera is an optimal solution for small to mid-size applications that require advanced intelligence at the edge.
Dahua also received a Govies Award in the Video Surveillance Data Storage category for the new 256-Channel AI NVR. With its integrated, high-performing GPU module, and Dahua’s advanced deep learning algorithms, the 256-Channel AI NVR (DHI-IVSS7016DR) conducts a powerful video structure analysis using metadata and achieves high precision facial analysis. Powered with Dahua’s advanced facial recognition technology, the NVR is an effective solution for places with high throughput traffic, such as casinos, retail, transportation and government. Not only does the analytics detect unauthorized personnel, but it can also trigger an alert if a face is detected that is not in the system. This is especially useful for access control applications where only designated individuals should be detected in a restricted area. The NVR supports 4K ultra HD resolution for recording, live viewing and playback and combines video management functions with traditional video storage, video decoding and deep learning all in one device. Additionally, the AI NVR can store up to 100,000 faces in the image database and a maximum of 10 million face metadata or face images.
Security Today announced the 2018 winners of the Govies Government Security Awards competition at ISC West, with Dahua leading the way in the Video Surveillance categories.
“It is an honor to receive not one, but two awards recognizing our advances in AI technology,” said Jennifer Hackenburg, Sr. Product Manager. “Dahua strives to provide intelligent security solutions to stretch the boundaries of what security technology can achieve in creating a safer world.”
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