IRVINE, Calif., June 11, 2018 – Dahua Technology USA, a leading video surveillance solutions provider, today announced its 2MP AI Network Box Camera has been named the 2018 ESX Innovation Award winner in the video analytics category.
Dahua Technology’s 2MP Artificially Intelligent (AI) Network Box Camera (IPC-HF8242FN-FR) offers customers a standalone front-end intelligent solution that utilizes complex facial recognition technology. With built in human facial feature extraction, real-time facial snapshots, and recognition comparison linked to a database of up to 10,000 face images, the IPC-HF8242FN-FR is providing solutions to meet increasingly diversified customer security needs. This solution is based on a high performing digital processor and vision processing unit architecture, integrated with advanced algorithms of Deep Learning technology.
A key facet of Dahua’s new facial recognition technology is the alerting system that is able to inform operators when it detects a person of interest, preventing blacklisted individuals from entering the premises. This intelligence-at-the-edge camera features Dahua’s signature Starlight Technology for low-light environments, and is best suited for various points of ingress or egress in small to mid-sized applications. By adding profiles of known criminals, prior offenders, suspended students, sexual predators, or disgruntled persons to the database, an alert will be sent if the person is detected on camera. Combining these features, the IPC-HF8242FN-FR enables end-users to pro-actively identify persons of interest before an incident occurs.
“We’re honored to have ESX recognize Dahua Technology with the Innovations Award for Video Analytics,” said Jennifer Hackenburg, Sr. Product Manager.  “We believe the 2MP AI Network Box Camera showcases our advances in AI technology.”
The IPC-HF8242FN-FR offers accurate, real time facial analysis that includes six types of facial features: Age, Gender, Expression, Glasses, Mouth Mask, and Mustache/Beard and five types of expressions including: Happy, Normal, Surprised, Sad, and Rage. Not only can this information be vital for security, but is can be used as valuable demographic information for profiling the types of customers a business attracts. Businesses can then utilize that information to adjust their efforts to better suit their clientele. The H.265/ H.264 smart codec provides ample savings on bandwidth and storage.
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