IRVINE, California, April 17, 2018 – Dahua Technology USA, a leading video surveillance solutions provider, today introduced two cameras incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies showcased at ISC West, including front-end devices, back-end storage and platform management through Dahua’s New DSS Pro.
Artificial Intelligence is on the cusp of becoming the next technology to disrupt the security industry. AI has the ability to perceive and learn the environment so when something abnormal is detected, authorities can quickly respond before a situation arises. Similar to how the human brain remembers large amounts of data, AI has the ability to classify and recognize thousands of features and then perform corresponding actions based on what the system has learned. The more features the system can capture the higher the accuracy.
The IPC-HF8242FN-FR AI Network 2MP Box camera is a standalone front-end intelligent solution that performs complex facial recognition without additional licenses or servers. This camera features backwards compatible H.265 / H.264 smart codecs, Starlight Technology for low-light applications and True Wide Dynamic Range (120dB) for high contrast scenes.  By interpreting video data at the source, the camera dissects and learns data for easier processing and higher efficiency. Since the analytics are done on-board, this camera is a perfect solution for small to mid-size applications that require advanced intelligence at the edge.
The camera includes human facial feature extraction, real-time facial snapshots, and a comparison database of up to 10,000 face images and 5 libraries that are stored on-board. The facial recognition feature enables a pro-active way to identify persons of interest before an incident occurs. For example, by simply adding profiles of known criminals, prior offenders, suspended students, sexual predators or disgruntled persons to the database, an alert will be sent if the person is detected on camera.
An additional feature the IPC-HF8242FN-FR offers is accurate, real time facial analysis that includes six types of facial features: Age, Gender, Expression, Glasses, Mouth Mask, and Mustache and five types of expressions including: Happy, Normal, Surprised, Sad, and Rage. This information can be valuable demographic information for profiling the type of customers a business attracts.
The IVSS7016 all-in-one 256-channel AI NVR supports 4K ultra HD resolution for recording, live viewing and playback and combines video management functions with traditional video storage, video decoding and deep learning in one device. With its integrated, high performing GPU module, and Dahua’s advanced deep learning algorithms, the device can perform a powerful video structure analysis using metadata and achieve high precision facial analysis.
The IVSS7016 features an Intel Quad-core processor and the AI NVR can store up to 100,000 faces in the image database and a maximum of 10 million face metadata or face images. The device offers RAID 0/1/5/10, redundant power, and backwards compatible H.265 / H.264 codecs and is compatible with any ONVIF camera.
“AI is changing typical passive video surveillance into a preventative approach. Dahua is excited to provide the most advanced technology for predicting incidents before they occur” said Jennifer Hackenburg, sr. product manager at Dahua Technology USA.
A key facet of Dahua’s new Facial Recognition technology is the alerting system that informs operators to persons of interest. Designed for places with high throughput traffic and risk of theft, such as casinos, this technology is a critical tool to prevent blacklisted personnel from entering a facility. For example, upon an identity match, security guards are alerted to the presence of a known offender, enabling security personnel to deny access into a casino to deter unlawful behavior like cheating. This technology works equally well in preventing the admittance of known offenders into other venues such as education facilities, restaurants and sports arenas.
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